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Spring Into Guacamole

This past weekend I have been revving up my inventory to get ready for the farmers market season. My aunt accompanied me and offered some great ideas for this season markets.. I know I mentioned the Power Pit Coming out his summer and A Pound of Guac ( pound cake made with avocados) just to name a few. In the summer I will bring back Summer Guac, which is watermelon and basil guac topped with feta cheese. Sounds like a lot right, but when you try it will knock your socks completely off, and while you are standing in front of me barefooted I will be bagging one for you to take home.

I am looking forward to meeting new people and enlarging the Love Guac family! I might have my aunt with me at the markets I will be attending this year, she is now a lover of guac and is helping me to get it out to the masses. It appears I am going to be very busy this year I may be at 5 to 6 different markets, so each weekend I may be somewhere different so check my calendar on the Visit Me page to see if I am going to be near you.

There will be some new items this year, and of course, I have to step it up on the guacamole so look for it to be just as fresh, flavorful and phenomenal as always but with just a little more LOVE added in!

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