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I started making guacamole for my co-workers once a month and it quickly became something more!  I perfected the recipe and was told I should go to the market.  The response was incredible and with trial and error propelled me to make four flavors in total.  Now what makes my guac special you ask, Love is a real ingredient!  The Love of making something that I can share with others the Love of making a snack that is good for you and the Love of the experiences I get to have with the great people I meet every Saturday at the markets!  

Visit me to get to taste the best guacamole you will ever taste. Let's laugh and connect and spread the Love of Guac! 

Article: AJC Hobby into a Business

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My Story

This continues to be a great journey for me, I have taken an avocado and made connections with many others.  Through providing a healthy snack that nourishes the body while the smile I give nourishes the soul.  What started as a friendly gesture at work to connect with people I see every day, became a hobby, became a business!

Love is a fundamental ingredient which is my fresh homemade guacamole is the best you will taste.   


Reach out if you have a party or you just want some for yourself.


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