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Best Way To Store Guacamole

Green Seal

Every week when I am at the farmers market people are amazed when I tell them that Love Guac has a frig life of 6 to 7 days! Or that you can freeze it up to a month, what is my secret you ask? Well, those who love avocados knows that you are in a race against the clock as soon as you cut one open before it begins to turn brown. Just like apples when exposed to the air the fruit starts to oxidize when exposed to the air. Avocado is a finicky fruit you got to know when to hold them, know when to eat them, and know when walk away.


My trick around the browning while keeping it fresh is vacuum sealing them. Each container of Love Guac comes in an 8oz vacuum sealed container keeping it fresh and green. I have tested the two-week old frozen guac, and after it thawed out it was just as fresh and flavorful as if I just made it! For real!! If you don't have a vacuum seal there are some other interesting ways to key it from browning; you can smooth out the guacamole with a back of a spoon them place a thin layer of water on top. That can be a bit messy and rob your guac of some of its flavor. Some keep the pit in, yeah not really the only effective way that has worked time and time again is taking all the air out.

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