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Avocados do Have a Sweet Side

Once you become a Guac Queen like myself you may begin to look at this fruit and find other gifts it may have. So in my search to see what other possibilities avocados have I looked at the way other cultures ingest this alligator pear. What I stumbled on way over on the east side far east in Asia the avocado is used in confectionary treats. These green pears are used in cakes, puddings, cookies & breads to name a few.

What I have found the avocado is great substitute for butter in the baking of breads, cakes and cookies. We know that avocados has essential oils that make it useable for baking, which makes it 100 times healthier than butter or Crisco Shortening.

Chocolate mousse is a desert I really enjoy how about it with avocados, yes this fruit just keeps getting better. If you don't mind a tint of green it makes the moistest pound cake while reducing your blood suga, picture that. I will test this a couple pound cake recipes in 2018 and pilot them at the farmers markets.

Wait that's not all, guilt free ice cream, there are tons of recipes on how to make it. Even Dr. Oz recommends it, this fruit does it again making a profound statements from health to beauty and now on the desert table.

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