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An Ode to Guacamole

Guacamole has enriched my life in several diverse ways, both physically and emotionally. How does food do that you ask? Guacamole has shaped my future prospective into a new reality one that prompts a healthy conscience and one that has built significant relationships with all types of people. I felt so humbled and blessed when people tell me that they Love my Guac, or that they never liked guacamole not to mentioned avocados before tasting Love Guac. It is reassuring that I have created something that causes people to smile and enjoy something that benefits their bodies.

Now guacamole has been around for a long time, and I am not saying mine is the best in the entire world...but it comes close. What I am saying that I took something and made it my own and shared the Love with the people and they returned shared their Love with me. It is an excellent exchange of common interest that brings us together every week.

Everyone has a source within that they can share for the good of the people. Mind happens to be guacamole, yours may be something that has been gnawing at you, but for whatever reason, you keep pushing it back. I am telling that feeling will not go away until you allow it to be released, and share it with good intentions. It could be the very thing that launches you into a level in your life that fulfills you

something we all are looking to connect. It may not make you wealthy and if that is what you are looking to obtain you may need to question your core beliefs and access what is valuable to you.

Your Choice!

The main ingredient in guacamole is the avocado it is the glue that holds all the other ingredients together and makes each item complimenting each other. We as people are the central part of our happiness once we tap into it we will find things within yourself to share the joy with a friend, a community, the world. Take the time to find it, call it out ask it to present itself to you. Be ready though, to put the time to cultivate it and make it with the best intentions to share more good to this world.

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