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Avocado Its Not Just for Guac Anymore!

Avocados have tons of health and beauty benefits in its repertoire from the skin and hair care to slowing the aging process and even fighting cancer! Its beauty properties avocados can be used in hair as a great conditioner, and an exfoliate facial mask. Broken down into an oil can be used to sauté some veggies or used as a natural sunscreen!


Most recent thing I was enlightened about is the pit of the avocado! I used to use it in my guac to keep it from turning brown, but that was short lived, however the pit actually has long life benefits. I have probably had hundreds of these round balls roll off my hand in the past months making guac and a few I gave to my mom who has been starting up an avocado farm. So now I will start keeping them and make some super seed powder, and try it for myself. Consuming the seed can strengthen your health in many ways listed below.

Prevent Epilepsy Regulate Thyroid Disorder Support Formation Collagen Muscle Relaxer Immune System Booster Soothe Inflammation & Joint Pain

The video below will show you how to turn the pit into a magical powder.

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