Love is a real Ingredient

You know when your visit family and your mom or dad cooks your favorite meal how it tastes and how it makes you feel. That is Love you are tasting and feeling because no matter how you try to follow the recipe to the letter sometimes it still doesn't quite taste the way they make it. My grandmother makes the best dressing, and my mom makes the best lasagna still to this day I look forward to both. I have tried to master the dressing but to no avail not close to grandma's secret touch. Most of us have that secret touch on a few dishes we create in our kitchens that make our family and friends shed a tear on the first bite. This holds true with Love Guac when I first began making with green

Holy Guac how much is that Avocado!

I know most of you have felt the hard pinch of avocado prices steady rising I know I have! This is due to the less than luster forecast from California harvest this year. So who is picking up the slack, that's right Mexico! Right now 82% of our Haas come from our Latin cousins and with the high demand means high prices. So what used to be 50 cents a piece Haas now reached to $2 to $3 for one avocado. Cray right? Lets not even mention Organic which can range from $3.50 to $5 for one avocado! Yeah it is getting real out here, numerous thefts of this green fruit for the green backs all over the and out country. Most recently in New Zealand there appears to be a black market on the rise for

No Not Yet, Eat Me, Too late!

The stages of a ripening avocado can be tricky for some, here are few techniques you can follow. The soft pressure test where you take your thumb and gently press the avocado if it gives just enough you're good. Press and your thumb leave a dent it is probably over ripe. There are different stages of ripe, if you want to chop it up over a salad or in a sandwich you don't want it too soft, but firm enough where you can cut it in cubes. Some of the ways you can test are if your Avo is ripe is peeling back the stem, if the hole where the stem was is dark, then it is too late. If the hole where the stem was is bright yellowish green, then it is ready to eat. Usually if the avo is hard and

Best Way To Store Guacamole

Every week when I am at the farmers market people are amazed when I tell them that Love Guac has a frig life of 6 to 7 days! Or that you can freeze it up to a month, what is my secret you ask? Well, those who love avocados knows that you are in a race against the clock as soon as you cut one open before it begins to turn brown. Just like apples when exposed to the air the fruit starts to oxidize when exposed to the air. Avocado is a finicky fruit you got to know when to hold them, know when to eat them, and know when walk away. My trick around the browning while keeping it fresh is vacuum sealing them. Each container of Love Guac comes in an 8oz vacuum sealed container keeping it fresh a

The Awesome Avocado!

Avocados are a terrific fat 6 grams per 50 grams of serving avocados which are known to be imperative for healthy growth and development for nervous system and brain. The fiber in avocados makes you feel full faster which is good for getting rid of unwanted waste from the body. The potassium in avocados is about 250 mg per serving which helps build muscle and break down carbs. When I prepare my Love Guac I use Pink Himalayan sea salt because of the 84 minerals it provides, avocados also 20 vitamins and minerals. Cilantro is an immunity booster, garlic for the blood, jalapeno boost the metabolism; red onions flavonoids provides the body with an antioxidant that protects against cancer and h

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