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Holy Guac how much is that Avocado!

I know most of you have felt the hard pinch of avocado prices steady rising I know I have! This is due to the less than luster forecast from California harvest this year. So who is picking up the slack, that's right Mexico!

Right now 82% of our Haas come from our Latin cousins and with the high demand means high prices. So what used to be 50 cents a piece Haas now reached to $2 to $3 for one avocado. Cray right? Lets not even mention Organic which can range from $3.50 to $5 for one avocado!

Yeah it is getting real out here, numerous thefts of this green fruit for the green backs all over the and out country. Most recently in New Zealand there appears to be a black market on the rise for avocados..whhhhat!

The cost for one avocado in NZ is $7.50 each theft is pretty lucrative. So if you come into some hot avocados with the stem and no sticker know that this fruit is stolen. The cops in New Zealand, have stepped up the portal and people caught are getting the max sentence of ten years.

What you look like in jail for stealing avocados..really dude for you in here for stealing fruit, sshhhhame!! Well, that's what happened in Oxnard, California when three guys got caught with $300,000 worth of the green pears they stole from the produce company they worked for. They were held on a $250,000 bond when arrested. “We take these kinds of thefts seriously. It’s a big product here and in California,” sheriff’s Sgt. John Franchi told the Los Angeles Times. “Everybody loves avocados.” Yes, we do, Sgt John Franchi, yes we do!

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