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A Toast to Guac!


The more I meet people as I am spreading the Love of Guac at the markets, people always seem to mention avocado toast! This seems to be the craze from the healthy vegan to the person who eats avocados with everything. I have to admit as much as I make guac I have yet to try it on toast, I am sure it is quite tasty but I have been a cheese Doritos Guac eater. If you haven't tried it please do..

There seems to be a whole movement recipes, stories why millennials can't afford a new home and the demand has risen in this year in the US as well as in China and in Europe.

Heat waves and fires have caused pricing to jump up higher than a cat when it sees a cucumber! Making the average person having to make life decisions like " if I buy two of these avocados for $10 that is $10 less gas I can put in the car." Soon avocados will cost the about the same as champagne!

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