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Happy New Year

So this year is almost over and there has been some great goals met by Love Guac! Thanks to my dedication to getting the Love of Guac out to the people at the Peachtree City Farmers Market I have built a base. I have a couple of return customers that keep the love alive. Getting to new markets such as Newnan, Pinewood and Peachtree Night Market Love Guac is growing to be a successful business.

So what is coming up for Love Guac 2018? Love Guac is going to take it to the next level, many have asked me to ship it! So in the first two months that's what I will be piloting, I have a few people I will be sending it to via Fed Ex in New Jersey, PA, New York and GA. If you want to be one of those people email me I need a few more test subjects to give me feedback on the mail order. This will be history in the making so lets do it, until Amazon reviews my application or before Sprouts reach out I am going to have an already established online market.

Lets see what else is in the pipeline, well as I mentioned in my other blog the pits have healing powers, "The Power Pit" will be release in 2018!! Also I will be introducing the avocados sweet side just to let you know that Love Guac will have more for the palette for the foodie and for the health conscience!

Thank you all for your support and Love for Guacamole see you on the other side!

Peace, Blessing and Prosperity!

Happy New Year!

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