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Avocado Mask

In my previous blog Avocados is more than just guac, I mention how people can use this super food for face mask and other beauty and health aids. There are lots of products on the market that have added this fruit to its beauty aid for facial mask and other skin care items. The avocado beauty secrets I am sure has been around for many many years and with lots of people looking into more natural less GMO. Avocado is the perfect fruit for the job. A ripe avocados consistency is very creamy and rich bring with it its own oils and good fats this makes a great base for a mask.

It's anti aging properties reduces wrinkles and keeps skin plump and supple, while feeding it with essential vitamins and minerals. When avocados are juices that kill the bacteria in you mouth that cause bad breath, expect when you are eating Love Guac I am heavy handed on the fresh garlic..sorry! The oils in avocados penetrates healing and nourishes dry flaky scalp.

This Awesome Avocado also has Oilic Acid that prevents Cancer cell growth, whaaat this fruit is seriously for your overall health. You if you have diabetes yes it reduces blood suga and lowers cholesterol damn why are you not eating this right now?

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