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The Awesome Avocado!


Avocados are a terrific fat 6 grams per 50 grams of serving avocados which are known to be imperative for healthy growth and development for nervous system and brain. The fiber in avocados makes you feel full faster which is good for getting rid of unwanted waste from the body. The potassium in avocados is about 250 mg per serving which helps build muscle and break down carbs.

When I prepare my Love Guac I use Pink Himalayan sea salt because of the 84 minerals it provides, avocados also 20 vitamins and minerals. Cilantro is an immunity booster, garlic for the blood, jalapeno boost the metabolism; red onions flavonoids provides the body with an antioxidant that protects against cancer and heart disease. That is just some of the benefits of guacamole, and all of its health benefits. There are websites that are totally dedicated to the green goodness we call avocados. Tons of information to let you know that this is a super food indeed!

I know for some the sheer color steers people away, and I usually convince people to try my guacamole if they had tried it before but didn't like it. There is a texture thing that people also don't seem to appreciate about this fruit, but with all the benefits this offers I would throw this into a shake any day just to let my body get some of this awesomeness! Either way, you prefer it to do your body a favor and get some

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