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Ripe Avocado

The stages of a ripening avocado can be tricky for some, here are few techniques you can follow. The soft pressure test where you take your thumb and gently press the avocado if it gives just enough you're good. Press and your thumb leave a dent it is probably over ripe. There are different stages of ripe, if you want to chop it up over a salad or in a sandwich you don't want it too soft, but firm enough where you can cut it in cubes.

Some of the ways you can test are if your Avo is ripe is peeling back the stem, if the hole where the stem was is dark, then it is too late. If the hole where the stem was is bright yellowish green, then it is ready to eat.

Usually if the avo is hard and green not ripe, give it about 2 to 3 days in a paper bag and it will be ready to eat.

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